Rapid Tapper

The Rapid Tapper is an innovative tool to aid in flooring installation. We install flooring ourselves, and were frustrated with the time and effort required by manual solutions. We developed the Rapid Tapper to greatly improve flooring installation speed on hard to fit products.

The block may be positioned with either the long or short side facing the flooring. This allows you to work in a variety of situations, from securing entire sheets to driving in a single replacement board in the middle of a floor.

Adjustable risers on the four corners of the Rapid Tapper keep the block raised above glue, keeping your tool clean and helping you to work with efficiency. It also provides optimum fit with different thicknesses of material.

Each Rapid Tapper includes a rotating safety joint. This safety device is precision manufactured from heat treated stainless steel, and protects the operator against inadvertent drill actuation while withstanding years of tapping. This combined with the swivel connection on the block provides great maneuverability of the tool. These features are custom designed to work with all major drills with SDS connections.

What People Are Saying

I was impressed with how versatile the Rapid Tapper is! I’ve used it putting together T&G plywood, stubborn glue down wood flooring, and lacing new flooring into old with ease!
—Matt Garcia, San Angelo, TX

I highly recommend the Rapid Tapper, it's an easy way to tap in tight flooring boards, this tool has made my job easier!
—Tom, Tom's Floor Co.

The Rapid Tapper has saved me so much time with tough hardwood floor installation. With its versatility and speed it can be an extremely helpful tool.
—Josh, Phil's Floors

More Tools Coming Soon

Our team continues to innovate and is actively developing several more tools to aid the craftsman. Check back soon for updates.


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